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Boys Lunch Bag Ninjago

This is a great back-to-school gift for your favorite lego ninjago character! This backpack features a new look with your favorite character's name and skills on the front, while the lunch bag comes with a variety of snacks and supplies to make your character feel great! A great gift for any lego ninjago enthusiast!

- 5pc School Essentials Set

Lego Ninjago Movie Boys Backpack


USD $22.99

School Book Bag Wallet Lunch Case

Lego Ninjago Boys 5 piece

By Disney

USD $21.04

LEGO 34902 The Ninjago Movie Three Ninja Dual Compartment Lu
- 5pc School Essentials Set


By The LEGO Group

USD $15.99

- 5pc School Essentials Set
- 5pc School Essentials Set

Free Shipping Boys Lunch Bag Ninjago

The boys 5 piece backpack snack bag school book bag is a great way to keep your autumn/winter gadgets close by you need for school or when you're out and about. This backpack has plenty of compartments and pockets for all of your usual summer essentials, as well as a built-in eating area and a built-in produced area. The bag also comes with a few extra features: a built-in phone case and a built-in playpen. It's a good old lunch bag for the day-out!
this lego 34902 the ninjago movie three ninja dual compartment lunch bag is the perfect way to take with you to your next meeting. The bag has a variety of pockets and compartments for all your food supplies, and is also age resistant to children's printing.
this is a great lead-in to the movie, ninjago! His friends and family are all around him when he finally comes out of the darkhole he has been living in for years. It's good partly because it lets him feel like he is in for a good time, and partly because he knows that his friends will be here for him when he needs it. This backpack comes with a set of lego ninjago movie-themed pouches that can hold all of your favorite snacks and drinks. The lunch bag comes with a set of 2 compartments and a built-in grater, so you can make all of your food from scratch. Plus, there are even a few side compartments for his various food items.